David is an award winning Work & Coaching Psychologist focussing upon career transitions, personal & business performance coaching and organisational learning & development. David has had a significant career in business, industry and the third sector within the UK & Europe – training & coaching executives, managers & people at work though evidenced based psychology for results. He is an active member of the British Psychological Society, International Society for Coaching Psychology & the Association of Business Psychologists.

David’s coaching and tutoring style is one based upon the experience being both enjoyable and rewarding. Clearly the goal is to support growth, enhanced performance and sustainable change, whether from an personal or organisational perspective. To that aim, David is passionate about ensuring that work & coaching psychology is de-cyphered for all to enjoy and understand. By utilising contemporary methods of coaching & the models of cognitive behavioural psychology, David can focus upon client needs and objectives with clarity and precision.

Moreover an additional area of expertise is the support for people working from or at home, aiding the difficult transition and maintaining the motivation for the home-based professional. By assisting the psychological transition and maintaining the temporal & spatial separation necessary for the home-based business & professional. David supports both the personal transition and the organisation preparing teams of people with best practice methods and practice for successful home based working life.